Industry Leading Security

EVOdp understands that security and reliability are top priorities for you and your clients.

That’s why we’ve worked hard to become the No. 1 bookie software in the industry when it comes to security, reliability and support. Our competition has nothing on us when it comes protecting your data.

Security at EVOdp is as important to us as it is to some of the most recognizable Fortune 500 companies in the world. We know that identity theft has become an increasing threat to every single individual who utilizes the Internet. For online businesses, the threat of identity theft is tenfold to our customers because we provide services and products through cloud-based technologies. Without Security, an online business has no chance of survival. EVOdp’s bookie software lets you provide your customers with the best possible security. It only makes sense for us to provide our customers, you, with the best possible security.

We are first in security with a state-of-the-art security infrastructure. We have full confidentiality protected by end-to-end 128-bit encryption upon log in. In regards to reliability, we have a policy of guaranteed 100% system uptime. You can’t beat 100%! Beyond that, our data center in Panama is high-tech and we have a data center backup just in case. We use redundancy systems for bandwidth on the fiber optic network, for the phone with three-times redundant lines and for the electrical with a never-fail electric power redundancy. We didn’t just wake up with the label as the most secure company in the industry, we earned it.

All of that comes with top-notch customer service that is prepared and happy to answer any questions and put any concerns to rest. Without the right support, no customer can thrive in the bookmaking business. That’s an absolute fact – not an opinion – which is why we offer the best support in the industry.

We offer support to you in two ways: our Support Tools and our Call Center Support. Our Support Tools make it easy for you to set up your account and manage your business. Our Call Center Support staff is open 24 hours a day to answer any questions that you might have and to help you with any of your needs.

Take control of your business today!