Advance Reporting

Enterprise-class Reporting

EVOdp provides the measurement tools for your business to succeed.

You don’t just want to make money as a bookmaker; you want your business to thrive and actually be successful. To achieve that success, you’re going to have to find a way to manage the increasing data that comes onto your computer screen with every new player you acquire. In fact, data management has become one of the biggest things in the technology space. That’s where we come in.

Easy Access Reporting

EVOdp has you covered when it comes managing data as our detailed online report center provides all of the information that you’re going to need in order to efficiently manage your business. You can access reports on practically anything that has to do with managing a bookmaking operation: how much money was bet on a single game, the amount of money was bet on different sides of a single game, setting credit limits and much more.

You can also access reports for your individual clients so that you can pinpoint your marketing towards on what they like to wager. If one of your customers is a heavy golf bettor, you will be able to see how much he wagered on the last Major Tournament and adjust your marketing accordingly. Accessing reports is an easy process. It’s another tool that EVOdp offers you to increase your pay per head profits and build your business.

Bet Ticker

In addition to the reports, we offer a Live Bet Ticker so that you can see the wagers being placed in real time. Our Live Bet Ticker will help you effectively manage your wagering lines so that you can get as much money on both sides of a single bet as close as possible.

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