Account Management

Account Management Has Never Been So Simple

When it comes to Account Management, our competitors simply don’t compare.

We’ve staked our reputation on the ability to help you manage your business as efficiently as possible because we know what it takes to run a successful bookmaking operation.

Your Account Manager isn’t just going to be someone that picks up the phone. That person will have extensive, expert, knowledge when it comes to the sports betting industry. Your bookmaking software account manager is a professional bookmaker whose sole goal is to help you manage your business and maximize your profits. We think of it as a family and we’re here to help you grow. Your account manager will help you profile your players, assign lines to your top players, manage your profits while cutting your set up time to zero and help in any other way that they can.

Their lone goal is to satisfy you as an EVOdp customer. When you’re happy, we’re happy and when your customers are happy, you’re happy. This isn’t just something we say, this is our company priority.

Our gambling management and bookmaking software provides the most comprehensive customization options in the industry. Once you sign up with EVOdp, you’re going to have the ability to use default settings that will allow you to let the system work its magic or allow you to set-up individual players or groups to specific profiles in the Sportsbook, Casino and Racebook.

EVOdp’s gambling management and bookmaking software includes the most comprehensive customization options of any software available. These customizable features give you complete control and the ability to maximize client earnings.

Take control of your business today!