While most services only offer sports betting, EVOdp gives your players more.

With a full array of casino games, they’ll stay busy before and after the big sports games.


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Stack Your Chips

EVOdp has the biggest casino offering in the offshore industry. The best part is it all comes at zero cost to you. EVOdp’s online casino software will keep your players busy in between the big games.

The Edge Is On Your Side

EVOdp lets you pick from three different casino profiles, so that way, you can present your players with unique casino experiences. Go in and customize profiles to maximize your players experience and your own profits.

More Action Than Anywhere Else

Your players will have more choices, more games and more bets than anywhere else. With EVOdp’s Online Casino Software, your players will get to play all of their favorite casino classics like blackjack, craps and roulette whenever they want.


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