Live Betting

Sports betting just got better. EVOdp gives your players access to live in-game betting, the hottest way to get into the action.

Increase your profits—now your players can make bets before, after and during the big games.

Live Betting

Bet The Game While It’s Happening


Live In-Game Betting

EVODdp’s Live Sports Betting Software brings your players closer to the action than ever before. Now your players will be able to bet on every play, shot, pass and goal. That means more options and more action from your players.

The Most Betting Options

Your players will have access to the biggest array of betting lines in the industry. With over 80+ leagues to choose from, it means your players will be part of the action every day of the year.

Great Lines, Great Service

Phone wagering has never been sharper. Your players will have the opportunity to phone wager with the sharpest in the industry. With a ‘stage’ of 30 professionals working around the clock, your players will have access to the best lines and the best service around.

Take control of your business today!