Pay Per Head Sportsbook Reviews

Agent and Player Tools


Online wagering available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year
Service within a schedule
Phone wagering available 24/7/365 on the most reliable fiber-optic network
Service within a schedule
Mobile (and smartphone) betting platform1
The sharpest lines in the industry crafted by a team of 30 individuals working around the clock 24/7/365
Weak lines
Suite of online player management tools which include player figures, complete pending transactions, positions by game and many more
Agent reports available via mobile (smartphone ready)1
The largest variety of sports betting lines in the industry (80+ leagues)
Approx. 50 leagues
Live in-game betting available
A selection of 10 pre-set parlay profiles to pick from
Completely customizable parlay profiles
A selection of 20 pre-set teaser profiles to pick from
Completely customizable teaser profiles
The largest horse racing selection in the industry, which includes 70+ racetracks
60+ race tracks
Knowledge and specifically trained horse racing clerks
12 pre-set horse profiles to choose from
Completely customizable horse racing profiles
The largest casino selection in the industry, all for free
Three different pre-set casino profiles to pick from
Completely customizable casino profiles
Layoff account2
Scalp account3
Sharp check
Access to the Don Best steam report
Easy account-to-account transfers
Friendly claims team that can help handle discrepancies
Customized website4,5,6
Access to an exclusive toll-free number4,5,6
Cutting edge data center in Costa Rica, which is the banking capital of Latin America
Additional cutting edge data center on Kahnawake tribal land to serve as a backup
Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack prevention
128-bit encrypted log in for extra security
Triple-redundant phone lines (both PSTN and VoIP)
Recording system to manage player claims
Backup fail-safe electric power discrepancy


  1. Currently available for new generation smartphones only
  2. Layoff: You would take action at -110 and layoff at -110; current line offered; limits apply.
  3. Scalp: You would take action at -110, and scalp at -105; current line offered; limits apply.
  4. 24 hours required to receive response.
  5. Offer available for packages over 100 players in Premium package.
  6. Offer available for packages over 300 players in Standard package.

EVOdp stands up to the rest of the per head sportsbook competition and surpasses expectations of bookies large and small. Whether it is our amazing pay per head platform or the numerous games and sports leagues your customers can now play in. EVOdp dwarfs the pph sportsbook competition with a myriad of factors that anyone on a bookie website would be happy with.

Review Pay Per Head Sportsbooks

There are many per head sportsbook websites and bookie websites, but they are not all created equal. There are numerous complaints online about many of these sites. Sites such as My Bookie will not confirm where their financial backing comes from, which makes many players worried about the future of the money in their accounts on that site. This happens very regularly on other per head sportsbook management systems that have shifty management. For example, according to some pay per head sportsbook reviews BaltBet, another per head sportsbook system has been accused of freezing accounts without reason if the balance to be paid out is too high, and they’re not the only one. There are several more shady pph sportsbook software systems that do the same thing, and just aren’t as trustworthy and credible as EVOdp is.

How To Pay

EVOdp understands that players will have their currency in many different forms. Unlike the competitors who only take credit card or PayPal, EVOdp accepts a plethora of other options. The options include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Bitcoin, MoneyGram, Skrill, Neteller, Western Union, and wire transfers. Some per head sportsbook competitors might not be flexible with payment options but contact us today and we will consider accepting more forms of payment. We have the best pph sportsbook software and one of the best bookie websites around.

Ease Of Use

Not all bookies using our software might be the best on a computer and we understand that. The user experience with our software is simple and easy to use. Not only will a representative walk you through the setup, it will also be completed the same day. So, whether you are in a rush or just want to set up your per head sportsbook business on your own time, our flexibility will work around you. Keeping track of what is owed to you by players can be difficult, as well as charting when they have paid. However with EVOdp, this isn’t the case, our pph sportsbook software tracks every bet, who wins and loses, so knowing who needs to be paid is never confusing. There is an easy interface on EVOdp that won’t leave bookies wondering what to do next.

Customer Service

At EVOdp we offer 24/7/365 service by telephone or email. Instead of worrying about a problem, let our team fix it for you! We believe that paying for a service means that our customer should be our first priority even after payment is made unlike other pph sportsbook software vendors or bookie websites who have customer service only working 40 hours a week. We understand that copious amounts of money can be at stake so we take phone calls extremely seriously.

There are several different pay per head sportsbook software systems out there, but none of them measure up to EVOdp’s standards. When it comes to functionality, the amount of games and races available, ease of use, customer service and options to pay, EVOdp is unmatched in every category, don’t believe us? Start a 7 day free trial to see how easy it is to get your pph sportsbook bookie website up and running. Start taking bets from your players and begin making some real money today.  

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