In a recent poll checking the satisfaction of our agents, 97% of them said that they would recommend EVOdp Bookie software to their friends and other agents.

Without question, EVOdp has become the industry leader because of our amazing team. Focusing on the core values like provide excellent, secure services, both our in-house staff and associates have consistently been able to outwork the competition.

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“My players have been very satisfied with the betting engine. EVOdp helps me keep them satisfied and that’s what keeps my business working so well.Jason F. Bronx, New York

“Without question, great service from top to bottom. Highly recommended.”Eric C. Los Angeles, California

“EVOdp let’s me track everything – from sub agents, to weekly action, to setting credit limits. Very useful, complete service.”Mike Dixon San Berardino, California

“I can tell you that since I’ve used EVOdp, my players are happier, which means they are getting more of their friends to sign up. That makes my business bigger and that’s all I care about.”Harry M. Detroit, M

“I killed it last football season and the management of all my players was easy because of the EVOdp software. I literally wouldn’t be doing as well without it.”Aaron B. San Diego, CA

“I can even begin to tell you how much better they are than my last per-head service. You don’t need anyone else. Just Evo DP and you’re good to go.”Derrick S. Houston, Texas

“I should have signed up with EVOdp years ago. If I told you how I used to track all this data, you’d laugh. My business is much more organized now.”Cam D. Newark, New Jersey

“Great service. Offer my players sports betting and live betting. That keeps them plenty business and that’s what I need.”Miles B. Atlantic City, New Jersey

“Since I’ve started with EVOdp, my business has grown, I’m able to accept more players and my profits have continuously increased.”Steven L. Hoboken, New Jersey

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