Our Staff

All of our clients have access to dedicated staff that take care of your bookmaking software needs. Our staff is comprised of the most knowledgeable experts in the sports betting industry.

We feel that it’s necessary to describe our staff in this way because all too often individuals hired at sports betting management services just don’t cut it when it comes to knowledge regarding sports betting. Online wagering is a unique service that requires a thorough understanding of the benefits and pitfalls of running an online betting business.


Nothing quite compares to the online sports betting industry and because of that, companies that wish to succeed and be the first in customer service have to hire the best possible customer service personnel. It’s simple: to be the best and the have the best customer service, you have to hire the best staff. That’s what we did.

Each one of our staff members went through a rigorous hiring process before joining our team. Every person on the staff has a thorough understanding of sports betting and what it takes to succeed.

Our people will believe in you and work as hard as possible to help you maximize your bottom line. We’re here to support you.

Our Staff will:

  • Help you set up your account specific to your clients’ needs
  • Send you Risk Management Reports to help you utilize the profiling tools and maximize your bottom line
  • Work as a partner to you so that you can grow your business and increase profits.

Take control of your business today!