About Us

We Don’t Just Preach Per Head … We Built Our Company With It

Since January 2006, EVOdp has been providing agents with cutting-edge per-head services. Not bland corporate crap, but real solutions, for real agents. Valuable products and services that build your business.

EVOdp started as a small company. Today, EVOdp is a software and service organization that has become the best sports bookie software in the industry, with well more than 5,000 customers — and it was all done with fanatical support, solid products and services. Our mission has never changed: We’ll help you create the kind of service that helps you reach your business goals. No advertising. No shady tricks.

How did we know seven years ago (that’s like 60 years in internet time) that per-head services would become so important?

Because being a bookie has been a smart way to service customers and clients for at least 100 years. But now the Internet has empowered prospective customers and clients to the point that EVOdp has become the smartest way to bring your shop online.

What can you expect?

  • It’s not (just) about sports.
  • It’s not (just) about horses.
  • It’s not (just) about casino.

Today, it’s always a bigger picture. You need to understand all the facets of effective bookmaking, and we cover the gamut, daily.

Our Guarantee

In a recent poll checking the satisfaction of our agents, 97% of them said that they would recommend EVOdp to their friends and other agents. It’s our goal to make sure that our agents are satisfied with the service. We work around the clock to make sure the products are top-notch and that are customers are happy.

As far as security goes, simply put, EVOdp takes the matter seriously. That’s why our security is the best in the game. Triple-redundant phone lines as well as a cutting edge data center in Costa Rica help ensure the security at all times. This is a priority for us because we understand it’s a priority for you. We go above and beyond to make sure that your integrity and confidentiality are always protected.

Take control of your business today!